My name is Caroline Powrie. I’m 25, I’m from Manchester, UK, and I’m a Graphic Design graduate with a very heavy focus on illustration.
My main thing is digital illustration, but I like to play around with different media. I also dabble in crafts and other creative fields as well as photography.

My passion is and probably always will be manga-style drawings, but I’m always looking to develop new methods, styles and skills. Like many people who draw manga, I would love to write a comic, and I enjoy the process of creating characters and building worlds. My ambition is to illustrate fantasy novels. Or any novels, really, but fantasy is what I enjoy drawing the most.

My hobbies outside of drawing are mostly reading and gaming. I also climb and hike, when I find the time and weather. I’m into tabletop gaming, and I sing with Salford Choral Society.